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1. What is an Australian Careers College where is it located and international branches other than India?

ACCESS – Australian Careers College Educational Services Society is an educational Society that is associated with many Colleges in Australia which are recognized by Registered Training Organization (Board of Authorization by the Government of Australia). These Colleges also have CRICOS permissions. Some of these college have international branches in Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan & India. In Australia also they have branches located at Darwin, Sydney, and Melbourne.


2. When was ACCESS - Australian Careers College first Indian campus Inaugurated?

The first Australian College, in India was inaugurated on February 27th, 2019 by Australian Education Minister Hon’ble Selena Uibo along with a delegation from Australia and Sri Bandaru Dattatreya Hon’ble Ex-Minister of Labour

3. What are the eligibility criteria to join through ACCESS?

All Intermediate, CBSC 12th, Polytechnic Diploma Holders and ITI from any group/branch are eligible to join any course of Bachelors in Australian Careers College, Hyderabad.

4. What are the value additions if studying in Australian Careers College?

a) Saving Money

b) Saving Time

c) Easy Transition

d) IELTS Training

e) Visa processing

5. Which Universities/Colleges will I be eligible for admission after 1st year in Australian College?

You will be eligible for admission in all the universities and colleges in Australia, Canada, Europe and U.K. subject to your merit.

6. Is there any scholarship facility?

If an ACC student studies in any of the Colleges or Universities in the Northern Territory of Australia, he is eligible for $6000/Rs.3,00,000 scholarships per annum.

7. Can we get a work VISA in Australia?

Yes, you can get a graduate skilled (Work Visa) VISA in Australia for 2/3 years

8. What will be the prospective salaries after graduation in Australia?

A graduate’s minimum pay scale is $60,000 or Rs. 30 to 35 Lakhs per Annum.

9. When can I get Permanent Residency in Australia?

You become eligible to apply for Permanent Residency after staying 4 ½ years in Australia.

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