Information Technology

What can you learn from this Course?

ACCESS offers a joint graduate degree for students in Information Technology. Information Technology has become one of the most prominent studies in recent times, the entire dynamics of the world has changed with it.

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a wide range of general Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to support Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that require broader knowledge and specialised ICT expertise.

Persons working at this level can apply a wide range of knowledge and skills in basic networking, ICT support, database development, programming, and web development support working safely and ethically in a sustainable work environment.


This is a competency based course and the assessments are conducted in a one-on-one environment, or through the completion of set tasks/projects. It is also based on completion of assignments, practical tests and examinations for each subject. We work with you and assist you to demonstrate your competency. First year the student will pursue this course in India and later after qualifying they will migrate and complete remaining 2 years and procure graduate degree from Foreign university.

Specialization To Choose From Second Year:

  • Networking
  • Data science
  • Cyber Security
  • Robotics
  • Information Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Programme Schedule

    • Lessons between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.
    • Each session is for 45 minutes.
    • 40 weeks (200 days) of study in a year

      Prerequisite to study this course

      • 10+2 (intermediate) or equivalent

        Programme Features

        • Study Material & student ID cards are provided
        • Examination is conducted
        • Meritorious students shall be eligible for scholarship in the form of fee waiver
        • Interested students can pursue a dual degree simultaneously
        • A faculty member from Australia to lead the programme
        • Team of faculty members trained and certified in alignment with Australian norms
        • Assistance for visa process at the end of the first year of the programme
        • 3-year Bachelor’s programme (First year in India and the rest in Australia)
        • Choice of admission in all major Australian Universities
        • 20-hour per week work permit during the study term in Australia
        • Full-time work permit during vacation
        • Skilled graduate visa upon completion of Bachelor’s with lucrative earning potential
        • Prospect of Permanent Residency (PR)

        *India is recognized by the Australian Government among the Level 2 Asian countries, making the visa process simpler and faster.

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